Posts and People I Think You Should Definitely Check Out!

The following are a few of my favourite people and posts that I have done. At some point it shall probably digress into a clusterfuck of any and everything I would recommend... Who knows.

The Drug Experience

There's something about writing about psychedelic experiences that allows such words of tantamount beauty and elegance to flow through you. I very much enjoyed writing about my experiences of altered perception and pondering on those I have yet to experience. If drugs are something that appeals to you or you enjoy, are curious about their mysterious nature, or are just spiritual in some respect, then I think you'll enjoy this particular post.



A lot of the things I write about will have, at one point or another, been fleshed out in a conversation I have had with this glorious man. He may very well be the only person with whom I can have a profound conversation with. He is my cousin, but more than that, he is my friend. My favourite person.
His hobbies include: Drawing, skating, spittin' barzzz, and having baaaaaaarrreee deep and complex conversations with myself about the intricacies of space/time/astral realms/psychology/human nature/language/and pretty much everything in between.

Manifestations of Dimensional Abstracts

Trippy thought experiments are fun enough when experienced solely within the confines of my own skull, but it turns out writing them out meticulously as to explain and share them with others is also very fun indeed. If, like me, you like space and time, but can't or simply don't want to wrap your head around the mind fuck that is physics, and enjoy very abstract concepts, then I believe this is a post worth reading.

The first blogger I discovered and reached out to after starting my own blog, and the only one to date who took the time to reach back, Randell's blog contains a variety of literally all sorts. Posts about being a father, stories about a day in the life, reviews, craft guides, and even a poem! With fingers in several pies he also has an online cookbook and a blog dedicated to hobbies and bloke stuff for people who are 30+. An easy going and open minded guy I would definitely recommend checking out, plus he's Australian, what's not to like?!
Online Cookbook