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The Boxes in Which We Dwell

“whilst being discouraged to try and experience right and wrong for ourselves to determine definitively what they are, and you foster and nurture the conditions that carry forth the inability to speak out, and breed the sort of social situation we find ourselves in today, where people likely don't even privately question what they are supposed to think to the degree that they should, because those who do are immediately chastised for not subscribing to the ideologue that is undoubtedly right; That is totalitarianism, by the way.”

You Are Being Sold

"There was a time, not so long ago, where I absolutely revelled in the act of talking politics. I would see or hear of a political idea or social event that had permeated the mainstream, and up my engine would rev. Popping on my "I'M A LIBERAL" hat and cracking my knuckles as I prepared to dive headlong into a game of keyboard warrior"