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Dreamscapes and Death Gates

Dreamscapes and Death Gates

Two fundamental yet elusive questions that I am sure crosses the mind of every individual on the planet at some point throughout the duration of their existence; What is the nature of dreams? What is the nature of death?

A lot of people think a lot of things regarding both concepts. Dreams for example has entire fields of study dedicated to their interpretation and purpose. Some people believe they can be visited by deceased loved ones within the limitless scope of their materialisation. Some people believe that they bring forth your fears and/or feelings and embolden you in light of them. Some people take control of their dreams and use the lucid state they have ascertained as a canvas to play out their wildest fantasies and intrigues. Others simply write them off as something meaningless or unworthy of contemplation.

Death on the other hand is generally a lot more definitive, both in terms of what it is physically, the finality of life and such, and in what people's opinions of it are. Individuals tend to be very succinct when talking about what they believe death holds in store for us. A large amount of people believe in some form of life after death, of that group a fair amount believe in "heaven", whatever that is. Some believe in reincarnation in some form or another, and a fair amount of people believe that there is simply nothing; you die. Lights out. The end. Fin. (Interestingly there is quite a significant disparity of beliefs between men and women, yet another find that lends credence to the notion that there are fundamental differences between the two genders, and that they are not just 'social constructs'. But alas, I shan't delve any further into that here. I don't really enjoy talking politics, least not in a post as fun and inclusive as this... Maybe another day)

I, however, do not see any reason why they cannot occupy the same conversation simultaneously, or be linked in a way that could produce an answer that, for both questions, intertwines to become one and the same, to fill the same fundamental space, to bridge the chasm that no-one generally considers between the two.

Consider this. There are different levels of consciousness that exists solely in our three-dimensional playground. You have dreamless sleep, you have dream sleep, you have your sub-conscious, and you have waking consciousness. And you don't really realise which space you are occupying until you have just entered a higher state. An example would be, lucidity as the exception, when you are dreaming... It is usually utterly bizarre, without rhyme or reason, failing to adhere to logic, and prone to complete destruction and reconstruction of it's foundations at the snap of a finger, and yet it is not until you have woken up that you realise how ridiculous a reality you were just inhabiting was...

"How did I not realise I was dreaming?!"
"That was so absurd and ridiculous, how was I taking it so seriously?!"

... you may find yourself asking.
By that logic, what is to say that there are not ever higher levels of consciousness. Life is pretty damn ridiculous. Our mere existence a miracle. Wearing clothes to cover our natural form out of shame. Selling our time to employers to make credits that we spend on things that offer us no fulfilment. Worrying about what other equally flawed people think of us. Collectively deciding on one person, one government to dictate how we can and cannot live. Judging others on things they had no control over... This whole side show is a freak show. I would not be surprised in the least to 'die' but actually discover that I have simply woken up...

"Ohhhhh! Of course that was a dream! Look at how fucking ridiculous that whole experience was! How could I think that was all there was! Why was I so worried? So hung up? So disingenuous and horrible to my fellow dream beings?! Silly me!"

What if we exist in a perpetual state of dreaming. One in which you live, you wake up, you live again, you wake up again, down a never ending tunnel of realities than you believe is 100% your 'real life' until you wake up and start all over again?

What if dreams are the simulations that you run at the moment of, or even after your physical death? Time is a construct that does not exist, or exists in a completely different way in our dreams. Minutes can be hours, hours minutes, seconds eternal. The brain the dreams are functioning within is physiologically bound to the passage and flow of unrelenting time, but not the dreams themselves. What is to say that you are not simply tuning into scenarios, lives, constructs that are, have not, and at some point will take place all at the same time?

What if this life, this whole universe, is as some people suggest a simulation. A simulation created by us in the 'real world' after having gotten to a point where science can take us no further, we have discovered bleakly, that there simply is nothing after death. No meaning to life. And in an attempt to stave of the bitter reality of ceasing to be alive ever again, have created pods, VR machines in which we spend our entire lives, living out life after life after life after life, each one in a matter of seconds or minutes, in order to simply exist for as long as we can.

This one is particularly whacky, but let us take this up a notch. The time we are living in is one in which companies, notably the behemoths like Facebook and Google, scoop up and collate every single piece of your meta data. Where apps on your phone literally listen to your conversation, picking up on keywords in order to advertise at you. Where we, for the most part, type out and upload (ironically without thought) our every waking thought. We upload to the cloud our desires, our fears, our thought patterns, the way we type, even our speech habits and tonal inflections. I am doing it right this very moment! And most of us have been doing this for the best part of a decade, probably slightly longer, and we are likely to continue to do so indefinitely. AI is on the tipping point of exponential evolution, and we are fast approaching a world where one day we will be able to reconstruct a consciousness using AI and the plethora of personal information we give out for free every single day... In the not too distant future we could create an exact AI replica of, lets say, Beyoncé who genuinely believes that she is the living breathing, biological vessel of Beyoncé. We could then place them in all sorts of generated scenarios, just because we would love to know what Beyoncé would do if she lived in a world with 1/3 of Earth's gravity whilst being hunted down by miniature flying acid squirting pig lizards who want to burrow into her skull... So perhaps our dreams is our biological brain antenna tuning into the frequency of our own reconstructed AI consciousness that has been recreated at some point in the future and had loads of parameters of reality shifted in all kinds of bizarre directions?

I can top that level of crazy with this level of crazy. Much like how quarks and particles of the quantum realm can exist in a state of superposition, or how Schrodinger's cat both exists and does not exist simultaneously until observed, what if we don't actually exist. Or rather we exist, or at least believe we exist right now, but at the moment of our death cease to have ever existed. Re-writing history completely from the moment of our 'birth' onward? Possibly creating another universe and separate timeline in doing so. Perhaps our dreams are tuning into the realities we have created in the wake of our demise, or perhaps they are there to console a confused and lost, no longer existent strand of life force...


I would actually love to discuss things of this nature with you all, so feel free to drop a comment below with your idea's or retorts and we can open a dialogue that may not even be happening🤔
Or if I have not made myself clear enough in any of my thoughts, please let me know and I would be delighted to flesh them out further for you!

Much love to all, cohabitants of this life battery🔋💛

You Are Being Sold

You Are Being Sold

Human Smart. Tree Dumb.

Human Smart. Tree Dumb.