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Traversing the Multiverse

Traversing the Multiverse

What I'm going to talk about today may, at first glance, seem like two disparate points, but bare with me and I promise all will make sense by the end!

I'll start with this; the multiverse. A hypothesis that I'm relying on everyone to have at least heard of. Google defines it as follows: "a hypothetical space or realm consisting of a number of universes, of which our own universe is only one.". I will however expand. There are several schools of thought on what exactly the multiverse may be. But most people tend to think one of two things about how it may be manifested.

  1. An infinite number of universes sat alongside one another with an infinite number of possibilities. i.e. There is a universe in the vast cosmic foam in which you, are Batman. The classic example.
  2. Every single decision you make, every single action you take, every single sentence you say splits and branches into a parallel universe in which you made the other choice, took a different action, said a different thing. This of course increases at an exponential rate and thus accumulates in an infinity of parallel universes, ergo the multiverse.

But how might we go about breaking forth through the barriers that separate them, and visit a realm where you crusade through Gotham city dressed as a bat? We have plenty of science fiction books/films and scientific theory to turn to. Might we achieve this otherworldly goal by perhaps daring to slip past the event horizon and enter the singularity that is a black hole? Maybe folding space-time on itself through some future technological wizardry and popping through the wormhole that results would take us there. Could it be that actually, anytime you have had a close brush with death, like that car that very nearly hit you, or that cliff edge you came incredibly close to tumbling over, you in that instant enter a parallel universe? One in which you miraculously survived, but at the cost of leaving a very inanimate corpse in a reality that you no longer inhabit? Or are we in fact waiting for some sort of quantum ship that will not require any such feats of bravery and likely death?

Or could it be even more idiosyncratic than any of those?

I heard the most brilliant hypothesis regarding exactly this conundrum and it starts with understanding that there are two types of contentment. The first being that you are stuck in the same place, same routine, upholding the same detrimental habits that hold you back from achieving your potential, but you are comfortable and you are content, so you make no active effort to make any change. The second is recognising that you are not at all where you want to be. Perhaps stuck in a dead end job, trapped in a particular location due to financial shackles, but instead of letting it drag you down to the depths of depressive nihilism, you recognise that things take time, you are taking steps, no matter how small, in the right direction, and you are content and happy in yourself, regardless of the situation you find yourself in.

There is a big difference between those two levels of acceptance. I've inhabited both, and in the grand scope of my life, only very relatively recently did I recognise my habitual self degrading lifestyle, state clearly to myself how much unhappiness I was imposing on myself, and make the choice to strive forward with conviction toward a goal; toward a picture of how my life could be, and can be.

Just that change of mindset is a powerful force, one that I hadn't really felt surge within me throughout the duration of my adult life thus far. And not just powerful in the sense that I felt personally empowered within myself, but powerful in the sense that it feels like it takes effect on and manipulates the physical reality around me. I'll explain...

Brief, utterly detail lacking, back story. My dad was a much older gentleman. He died when I was 12. When I turned 18 I inherited his house. 6 years is a lot of time in and of itself for quite an old building to degrade further, and the childish and self entitled attitude that comes with being handed a rather valuable piece of property on a plate, coupled with the "I'm a legal adult now that I'm 18 (even though I wasn't any more mature than when I was 17)" mentality and house partying hard with my equally immature peers of the same age caused for a complete lack of respect for the dwelling, and further assistance in the degradation and destruction of said dwelling. Throw on top of that the running costs of living alone, namely the overpriced bills and inevitable debt they soon thereafter incurred, and it's not a far jump to a complete depressive state of feeling trapped between the asset (which is what it really is) and working a minimum wage job to ensure the state doesn't take the asset.

After my newly found appreciation for life, and recognition that I had to strive toward something, I decided I needed to sell the place and simply start again with a clean slate and capital with which to invest in myself. Now my boss had only just recently gone through the process of selling one house to buy and move into a new house simultaneously herself, so naturally I asked about the process to do that and how she went about it. Not two hours after speaking to her and leaving work for the day, she sends me a text informing me that who should walk into work but a property developer whom she hasn't seen for several years, and has just moved into the area, looking for people who they themselves are looking to renovate/sell. Cut to today, and I am now in the process of completely knocking the place down, to rebuild and move forward. What. Are. The. Fucking. Chances. If that isn't the definition of a coincidence, I truly do not know what is.

And it is exactly that experience that has lent such credence to the multiverse hypothesis that I now gleefully subscribe to; what if, instead of forever closed off universes that sit next to ours, we all have a plethora of metaphysical universes that are stacked atop of one another. And when you make a positive, active decision to better yourself, you are actually throwing a proverbial grappling hook into these different universes and begin to hoist yourself into them. And all the weird little coincidences that start occurring as if by design, are actually just the ripples you cause by allowing this new reality which you are entering upon to settle into place.

What if we are the multidimensional technology that makes it possible to break through the constraints of this reality and into a different one, and all we need do, is recognise our own individual power to manipulate the world around us...

Is that a feasible thought, or do I just sound crazy?🤔

Do You Think?

Do You Think?

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