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Manifestations of Dimensional Abstracts

Manifestations of Dimensional Abstracts

Fair warning, this one's going to get a bit mental.

There are some things, as I've previously stated, in which words are simply not enough. Physics being a prime example, for here you need numbers to truly and specifically embody what forces are at play and running amok throughout the fabric of space-time, and even then, you need to have a bloody good grasp on numbers to understand and read what is being described. It's as Galileo allegedly said "Mathematics is the language in which God has written the universe". And I've only ever been good at one language. Unsurprising then that I much prefer thinking about hypotheticals, potentials, completely abstract idea's that serve as the foundation for the most unorthodox thought experiments. As such, I can explain what I'm trying to construct up to a point, and then, instead of mathematics, use pictures to further help illustrate and cement such ideas into your cerebral cortex.

So then, dimensions. Let's start with the small.
We of course inhabit three dimensional space, or a fourth dimensional continuum if you include the unification of time as analogous to linear dimensions, but let's keep it simple. 3D space. Up down. Left right. Forward back. Something we can all wrap our heads around. Lovely. Simple. Except not simple, for many years physicists have postulated the increasingly likely probability that there are many more spatial dimensions at play. Possibly 7. Then 10. Then perhaps 11. After that anything up to a potential 30. I don't know what the most recent or agreed upon number is, nor will I even attempt to pretend to know how they might function or what roles they may play in this intricate dance we call reality. I am however curious as to what other dimensions might look like. Well it turns out these little devils are at play within the sub-atomic and quantum realms. Too small to be "seen" in the classic sense, but apparently somehow perceived to be real through parameters that the mathematics allow for. Cool. But I still don't understand. Okay then, let's think of it like this, as it was explained to me, you're looking at a power line. On that power line is an ant. From a distance both the power line and the ant on the power line look two dimensional. It's only as you zoom in closer and closer do you compute that they actually have depth also, and therefore are three dimensional. Okay, I can wrap my head around that analogy. In the same way that you can take a seemingly perfectly smooth surface, put it under an electron microscope, and suddenly be looking at something that resembles a topographical map of Utah. Fun. But not as fun as what comes next.

For a moment let's imagine a two dimensional world inhabited by two dimensional beings, we'll call them 'paper peeps'. We can stand above or below them and watch them go about their lives from a perspective they can't possibly comprehend, couldn't even fathom in the depths of their wildest imagination. Then we decided we want to fuck with them, because we're arseholes, and it's funny, and why not. So we take a tennis ball, or a golf ball, or really any spherical object we can find and we decide to just slip it through their dimension. What would happen? Well aside from absolutely losing their shit, what they'd see is a single point as the ball first touches and interacts with their plane of existence, then as it moves further down through their world they would see an ever growing circle that would reach it's maximum circumference as the the ball was exactly half way through, then it would begin to shrink down smaller and smaller to a single point until poof it popped out of existence as miraculously as it popped into existence. (What they'd actually see is an increasingly big line, what with them having no ability to view the circle in its entirety from an above perspective, but for the sake of not breaking this analogy let's assume they knew it was a circle in the same way we know when we're looking at a sphere, despite being unable to see all of the sphere in it's entirety from one angle). That's because the paper peeps are seeing one cross section after another of the three dimensional object over time.

A drawn cube

But 3D objects can also be depicted on a 2D surface. We can all draw a cube. It looks like that ----->
Of course it's not proportional, how could it be, there is no depth. We're just very clever and our minds can comprehend what it is representing. In reality, and three dimensional space, all of the lines are of equal size and distance apart.

NOW. Enter the tesseract. (I don't mean that cuboid bedside light from the Avengers). A tesseract is a four dimensional cube. Where each 'side' or 'face', instead of being a 2D square as is on a 3D cube, is in fact a three dimensional cube.
Yes, my head is hurting too.
In the same way that the paper peeps could only see a two dimensional cross section of a three dimensional sphere play out over time, a tesseract passing through our plane of existence would look something like...

A tesseract. Different cross sections of a 4D object passing through a 3D space over time

...that. Of course, in the four dimensional reality in which it inhabits, it would be a static object where all of the lines are of equal length and distance apart, and then a fifth dimensional cube would be the same again except with 4D tesseracts as each of it's 'sides' and so on and so forth right up through potentially infinite spacial dimensions, which is, quite literally, utterly incomprehensible (except maybe with the help of some *ahem* mind enhancing substances).

So. Why have I just spent the best part of 5 minutes explaining something that you probably were already at least somewhat familiar with, or that if not you could have simply googled for yourself?

Because these are those foundations for the unorthodox and mental thought experiments of which I eluded to at the top of this post.
Let's take that concept of a 4D object inhabiting a 3D space by changing as time progresses and apply it not to a simple shape such as a sphere or a cube, but extrapolate it to something a little more complex. Is there anything in the known universe, anything on earth that resembles exactly that process? Something that pops into existence, seemingly from nowhere, changes and grows and contorts as time progresses, and then one day simply pops out of existence as miraculously as it came into it...?

Something like say, oh I don't know, how about you? Or me? Or all of us? Or all life? Or frankly, all matter itself?

What if we are the embodiment, the three-dimensional manifestation, of a fourth dimensional being slipping itself through our universe. What if we're all a unique and separate fourth dimensional being doing just that. How about we go a step further? What if those fourth dimensional beings are they themselves manifestations of a fifth dimensional being(s) passing through a universe with four dimensional spaces, possibly outside of time, viewing it as we view a road, as something that can be walked up or down in whichever way we choose.
What if these beings are trapped in each of these dimensions as they pass through them, and we, nay all life is millions upon millions upon millions of tendrils, reaching out, feeling, exploring, trying to understand this dimension. Driving us to an ultimate technological singularity that will allow us to burst forth through the walls and constraints of this dimension and into the next so we can start the process all over again?

It certainly might go someway to explaining why seals rape baby seals, or why orcas torment and inflict such terror and cruelty upon their prey before drowning, dismembering, and consuming it, or as to why vast swathes of our race are overzealous in their ambition to label, disrespect, mistreat, kill other members of their race over ridiculous things such as money, power, culture, language, ethnicity. Because it's all a learning curve. Simply the intrigue of a lost, scared or trapped, motivated being of a higher dimensional frequency inclined to fumble it's way through this plane...
Or perhaps they just like fucking with us because "[They]'re arseholes, and it's funny, and why not?".

Wouldn't that be mental.

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