The Great Mother: A Write Up of a Chapter Read in 'The Origins and History of Consciousness' by Erich Neumann

“In the adolescent stage of the ego the conscious and unconscious duality and the relation between them is played out and dramatised in the myth of the mother and son as lovers. Once again the evil mother is at play here, coming forth in the guise of a masked trickster using false sweetness to lure the son/ego to his own destruction for the Great Mother's own end.”

The Boxes in Which We Dwell

“whilst being discouraged to try and experience right and wrong for ourselves to determine definitively what they are, and you foster and nurture the conditions that carry forth the inability to speak out, and breed the sort of social situation we find ourselves in today, where people likely don't even privately question what they are supposed to think to the degree that they should, because those who do are immediately chastised for not subscribing to the ideologue that is undoubtedly right; That is totalitarianism, by the way.”

Do You Think?

“Have you ever actually, genuinely sat in a room, a silent room, with no distractions and fully contemplated the reality of your pending mortality? To consider what it means that you actually are definitely going to die one day. Tomorrow perhaps. Because I have. And to do that is to reconcile with the fact that not only are you limited and incredibly fleeting, you are also ignorant in almost every way possible.”

Traversing the Multiverse

“We all have a plethora of metaphysical universes that are stacked atop of one another. And when you make a positive, active decision to better yourself, you are actually throwing a proverbial grappling hook into these different universes and begin to hoist yourself into them.”

The Bombing of Syria

"We can all give a social commentary, declaring our outrage at, or agreement with the events that have just unfolded. But the debate is ridiculous. We are privileged first world dwelling people, whose biggest worries are usually tied up in finances, personal relationships, or personal disdain. How can any of us possibly comprehend what it is like to live in a country like Syria?"

You Are Being Sold

"There was a time, not so long ago, where I absolutely revelled in the act of talking politics. I would see or hear of a political idea or social event that had permeated the mainstream, and up my engine would rev. Popping on my "I'M A LIBERAL" hat and cracking my knuckles as I prepared to dive headlong into a game of keyboard warrior"

Human Smart. Tree Dumb.

"I have often toyed around with the idea that plants are the highest form of life. The most spiritually awakened, and the final form which a soul takes before merging with the godhead. If you have ever observed a tree on mushrooms or acid, you will probably have an inkling as to what I mean."

The Power of Spin

"They are stuck in this box, perfectly able to see the wide open space and freeing nature that comes from a healthier mindset, but they are unable to obtain it. They are unaware that all they need do, is slide open the door and step out, because the handle is on the inside of the box in which they are trapped."

What is Love?

"It's all part of the charming process of growing up, of blindly fumbling through the experience of having chemical war waged within us as our hormones loudly and proudly proclaim that we are in fact as wise and knowledgeable in life as any of our adult peers."

Manifestations of Dimensional Abstracts

"It's as Galileo allegedly said "Mathematics is the language in which God has written the universe". And I've only ever been good at one language. Unsurprising then that I much prefer thinking about hypotheticals, potentials, completely abstract idea's that serve as the foundation for the most unorthodox thought experiments."

The Drug Experience

"I was utterly content. Eyes closed for the duration I could see everything, with absolute clarity. Vivid depictions of my innermost connected being, dancing elaborately on the building blocks of space time, and woven into the all loving, all understanding consciousness that we all share. I was reborn."

The Inadequacy of Words

"A flood of new perception came rushing to the forefront of my conscious mind; words don't matter. Let me be more clear, intentions don't matter, because anything you or anyone else says, or even thinks, can be spun a hundred different ways to emphasise and represent two complete opposite ends of a spectrum..."