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Hello, my bliss ridden soul vessels, so you have stumbled across my blog. If you are just dipping your toe, then I have taken the liberty of placing a few of my preferred posts which best display the flavour of the tone and topics of my blog below. Or you can dive right in and choose from all of my posts by going straight to the blog page and having a browse!

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My blog is one in which I delve into anything and everything that tickles my fancy. I'm a professional thinker and (unqualified) philosopher. Where once dwelled a childish and perpetually egocentric young man, now stands an open eyed and spiritually awakened ever so slightly older young man, who seeks to share his thoughts, ideas, opinions, and observations with those inclined to listen, and hopefully enlighten anyone who wishes to step to a more loving, nuanced, and empathetic view of the world. You shall be welcomed with an open-armed embrace from a kinsman who took a long time to make that transition himself, but got there in the end.

Oh, and I'm a fervent believer in the oxford comma, despite being British.

Welcome, friends!