What is Love?

"It's all part of the charming process of growing up, of blindly fumbling through the experience of having chemical war waged within us as our hormones loudly and proudly proclaim that we are in fact as wise and knowledgeable in life as any of our adult peers."

Manifestations of Dimensional Abstracts

"3D space. Up down. Left right. Forward back. Something we can all wrap our heads around. Lovely. Simple. Except not simple, for many years physicists have postulated the increasingly likely probability that there are many more spatial dimensions at play. Possibly 7. Then 10. Then perhaps 11. After that anything up to a potential 30. I don't know what the most recent or agreed upon number is, nor will I even attempt to pretend to know how they might function or what roles they may play in this intricate dance we call reality."

The Drug Experience

"I was utterly content. Eyes closed for the duration I could see everything, with absolute clarity. Vivid depictions of my innermost connected being, dancing elaborately on the building blocks of space time, and woven into the all loving, all understanding consciousness that we all share. I was reborn."

The Inadequacy of Words

"A flood of new perception came rushing to the forefront of my conscious mind; words don't matter. Let me be more clear, intentions don't matter, because anything you or anyone else says, or even thinks, can be spun a hundred different ways to emphasise and represent two complete opposite ends of a spectrum..."